Bangladeshi Minister of Industries visited Shahjalal Fertilizer Factory Project Site

日期: 2014-02-26


On February 26, 2014, accompanied by the Chairman and director of BCIC as well as members of the Parliament, the newly-elected Bangladesh Minister of Industries Mr. Amir Hossain Amu and Secretary of the Ministry of Industries visited the Shahjalal Fertilizer Factory Project construction site. Project Manager Mr. Ma Zheng, On-site Manager Mr. Huang Jin, COMPLANT representative in Dhaka Mr. Lin Weiqiang as well as other relevant persons received the distinguished guests at the site.

The 74-year-old Minister is one of the founding members of the ruling party Awami League and is its second important figure. The new government was set up on January 12 and this is the third time that Mr. Amir Hossain Amu is elected as Cabinet minister. The Minister pays great attention to the Shahjalal Fertilizer Factory Project and expressed his intention to visit the project site as well as our Beijing Headquarter within one week after he assumed office. Having attached great importance to the visit, our project team communicated fully with the owner on the basis of programmed management and made timely adjustment to details based on pre-examinations so as to ensure that the visit went smoothly.

The delegation led by the Minister visited areas including concreting site, main device section, bagging warehouse and major equipment storage yard. The Minister was in high spirits throughout the visit. When examining the concreting of the foundation, he was very excited and praised the work by saying “very good!” During the interview with news media including Bangladeshi national TV, when a journalist asked about whether or not the Shahjalal Fertilizer Factory Project will be completed according to schedule given the previous political movements such as work stoppages, the Minister answered that “the progress was affected to some extent, however, I see everything is going smoothly now. All the workers are working on a 24-hour shift. I believe they can make up for the lost time and it is hopeful that the project will be completed prior to the scheduled completion date.

Later, the Secretary of the Ministry indicated to our project manager that the Minister was satisfied with the visit. He pointed out that “projects in Bangladesh are seldom completed on time. If this project is completed according to or even ahead of schedule, that would be a very good news for the Ministry of Industries”.

This visit marks the debut of our project in front of the new Bangladesh government and establishes a good image for our company in Bangladesh society. Since the beginning of the dry season, the project management department has been pushing forward the construction progress against various difficulties. Even though there was no vacation during the Chinese Spring Festival, all personnel have been working under good spirit. Through efficient and orderly management, they highlight safety and quality, and are making joint efforts to achieve the short-term target, which is to turn the construction site into a factory by the end of May.
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