Chairman Address

China National Complete Plant Import & Export Group Corporation Ltd (COMPLANT) was established under the great care of China's national leadership. It developed from strength to strength with the growing China-aided projects at its early years, expanded its business in the years of reform and opening-up, and embarked on its new journey of transformations after entering the new era. Over the past more than 60 years, COMPLANT, with a strong sense of social responsibility, has unswervingly served national strategies to extend friendly relationships with foreign countries through China-aided projects. With its footprints seen in more than 100 developing countries and regions, COMPLANT has contributed significantly to the growing of local economies as well as the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation. From generation to generation, COMPLANT’s employees have stayed true to their original commission and contributed their part of efforts with hard work and total dedication, making “COMPLANT” brand a symbol of friendship, high quality and accountability, which speaks volumes for the universal praise that COMPLANT has earned from developing countries and their people.

Only those who seek constant reforms and innovations will drive forward. Under the guidance of the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the strong leadership of 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司, COMPLANT has stepped up its efforts to involve itself in new development stages with advanced concepts of ecological civilization, and strives to build itself into 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司’s enhanced platform of investing, constructing and operating environmental protection projects. Our targeted position as 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司’s ecological and environmental brand hinges on business investing in both domestic and global markets, which adds green, beautiful and Eco-friendly connotation to the original “COMPLANT” brand.

As the right wind blows, we shall advance in full sail, knowing that there is a long way to go. At the new starting point, COMPLANT stays ready to sail out with vision and confidence to the desired results of sincere cooperation, common development with partners and friends all over the world in the spirit of openness and responsibility, thus bringing benefits to our society, our shareholders as well as our employees.


Zhang Zhaogang

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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