Vice president of 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司 Mr. Shi Hongxiang examined COMPLANT projects in Myanmar during his visit to the country

日期: 2014-01-18


Mr. Shi Hongxiang, Vice president of State Development and Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司”), led a delegation to Myanmar from January 18th to 25th, 2014. During their stay in the country, the delegation met with several high-level government officials including Mr. U Swe Mann, Speaker of the Myanmar Union Parliament and Chairman of the Union Solidarity and Development Party. Accompanied by President of COMPLANT Group Mr. Gu Haitao as well as other senior managers from COMPLANT Limited, the delegation also paid a field visit to some projects being followed up by COMPLANT.

During the meeting with Mr. U Swe Mann, Speaker of the Myanmar Union Parliament, Mr. Shi Hongxiang introduced 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司 portfolio and its achievements in recent years, and talked about the consistent efforts made by COMPLANT Group in exploring Myanmar market as well as its positive contributions to economic growth, job creation and the improvement in People’s livelihood in Myanmar. Mr. Shi also expressed the Company’s willingness to invest in a coal-fired power plant project in Rangoon, the central business district in Myanmar, with the aim of ensuring the power supply in Rangoon and further strengthening the two parties’ cooperation in the economic field. Mr. U Swe Mann expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Shi Hongxiang and his delegation. He indicated that China and Myanmar have been maintaining their good-neighborly relations with steady development, and that there is huge potential for future cooperation between the two countries in various fields. He hoped that 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司 will further enhance its investment in Myanmar, making contributions to its economic growth and providing strong support for the establishment of the coal-fired power plant project in Rangoon, including assisting Myanmar in resolving relevant issues.

During the meeting with representatives from the Chinese Economic and Commercial Counsel in Myanmar, Mr. Shi expressed his gratitude towards them for their long-term assistance and great support to 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司 and COMPLANT, and hoped that the Chinese Economic and Commercial Counsel and the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar would continue to support the company in implementing its “Going Global” Strategy.

Mr. Shi’s visit to Myanmar is of great significance in implementing 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司’s “Going Global” Strategy, strengthening internal collaboration, increasing 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司’s business presence in South-east Asian region and deepening economic cooperation between China and Myanmar.

Senior Managers from the Strategic Development Department and the International Business Department of 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司, COMPLANT Group as well as other relevant personnel also accompanied Mr. Shi Hongxiang on his Myanmar visit.
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