President of COMPLANT Group Met with Delegation from Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corp., Ltd

日期: 2013-12-27


On December 27th, 2013, Mr. Gu Haitao, President of COMPLANT Group met with delegation from Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute Corp., Ltd (SDEPCI) led by its Chairman Mr. Hou Xuezhong.

First of all, on behalf of COMPLANT, President Gu extended his warm welcome to the delegation for their visit. Followed, he briefly introduced COMPLANT history, business scope and management reform achievements to the delegation. After that, Department of Strategic Development presented COMPLANT company profile, overseas business and key ongoing projects. President Gu emphasized that as SDEPCI is a first-class power design consulting and construction service provider with strong comprehensive strength, rich engineering experience and large number of expert talents, SDEPCI and COMPLANT are highly complementary with great potential for cooperation.

Next, representatives from SDEPCI briefly introduced SDEPCI profile, its main business scope and cooperation expectations with COMPLANT. Chairman Hou from SDEPCI indicated that SDEPCI, with its strong consulting and contracting capacity of power survey and design, is capable of providing whole industrial chain services for construction and operation in fields such as power transmission and transformation, conventional energy, and clean energy. Based on the well-established favorable cooperation with 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司, he hoped SDEPCI and COMPLANT Group can conduct further cooperation in power projects by making good use of COMPLANT brand strength and overseas influence.

During the meeting, the two parties conducted in-depth communications on certain EPC projects of common concern, demonstrating great expectations for future cooperation.

Attendees to the meeting also included Mr. Zhang Hui, President of COMPLANT Ltd, Principals of Administration Office and Department of Strategic Development, and relevant Principals from COMPLANT Ltd.
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