Bangladesh Shahjalal Fertilizer Plant Project held its Mechanical Completion Ceremony

日期: 2015-03-27


After thirty-four months of construction, the Bangladesh Shahjalal Fertilizer Plant project undertaken by COMPLANT Ltd through EPC recently held its Mechanical Completion Ceremony.

With the daily production capacity of 1,000 metric tons of synthetic ammonia and 1,760 metric tons of large-granule urea, the Bangladesh Shahjalal Fertilizer Plant project is the largest of its kind between the government of China and Bangladesh since the two countries established diplomatic ties forty years ago. Since April, 2012, COMPLANT Ltd has overcome all kinds of difficulties and finally achieved mechanical completion according to schedule.

At the Mechanical Completion Ceremony, Mr. Zhang Hui, President of COMPLANT Ltd, pointed out that having received great attention and support from high-level officials from China and Bangladesh during construction, the Bangladesh Shahjalal Fertilizer Plant will be the largest of its kind in Bangladesh after it is completed. Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has also given the construction of this project great support and recognition. Mr. Zhang expressed gratitude to all the partners and constructors on behalf of COMPLANT Group and Project Management Committee and encouraged them to carry out commissioning work with great sense of responsibility so as to ensure that the project is handed over according to schedule and become a successful example of the cooperation between China and Bangladesh.
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