President Mr. Gu Haitao Meets General Manager of Mineks

日期: 2015-02-16


On February 9, 2015, President Mr. Gu Haitao met with Mr. TolgaG?ksel, General Manager of MINEKS, a Turkish company and his team at COMPLANT Building.

MINEKS is a Turkish company specializing in investment, acquisition, consulting and public relations and its main business covers areas like infrastructure, electricity, petroleum, mining and transportation.

Mr. Gu first welcomed Mr. TolgaG?ksel and his team and then he introduced the history and operations of COMPLANT Group. Mr. TolgaG?ksel also made a short briefing of main business of MINEKS and areas covered and saying that they are seeking to collaborate with COMPLANT in many fields.

Understanding toward each other is deepened through the meeting and both sides expressed their willingness to strengthen communications, share information and seek further cooperation.
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