COMPLANT Group Convened Annual Conference for Year 2015 in Beijing

日期: 2015-01-26


On January 22, 2015, COMPLANT Group convened Annual Conference for year 2015 in Beijing. In total over 270 persons attended the conference and among the attendees were managers from relevant departments of State Development & Investment Corp (韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司), COMPLANT leadership, all employees stationed in Beijing and retired employee representatives. Secretary of the Party Committee Ms. Liu Yan chaired the conference. .

Chairman Mr. Liu Xueyi stated that COMPLANT has seen the significant results of the series of reforms over the past two years which received strong and positive reactions within the company. The sprit, sense of loyalty, responsibility and belonging are deepened which in return gives the leadership confidence to carry on the reforms. Despite the challenges encountered in year 2014, COMPLANT marched forward steadily and took another great step on the road of virtuous cycle development. COMPLANT will further deepen its reforms in year 2015 and unveil a serial of new and market-oriented reform measures taking consideration of the Company’s conditions. Innovation and contributing to 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司’s ‘going global ‘strategy by maximizing COMPLANT’s advantages will be further reflected on in year 2015. Duty responsibility mechanism will be installed centering objective evaluation in order to make sure that employees, positions and departments give a full play of their roles, thus shareholders and employees can share the benefits of the reforms.

President Mr. Gu Haitao representing company leadership made the 2014 Work Report. He reviewed the work that has been done in year 2014, summarized the reform’s achievements over the past two years and analyzed the situations and challenges faced by the company. Accordingly, development ideas for the near future are proposed and works are arranged for year 2015 in the report. All levels of leadership and employees are required to carry forward the fighting spirit and united with one determination to have the jobs done well.

The conference also commended the advanced collectives and individuals, primary Party organizations, Outstanding Party Member and 2014 Specific Work Outstanding Contributors.
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