The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Industry of Bangladesh visit Shahjalal Fertilizer Project site

日期: 2013-07-31


A delegation led by Mr. Abul Maal A Muhith, the Minister of Finance, and Mr. Dilip Barua, the Minister of Industry of Bangladesh, visited COMPLANT’s Shahjalal Fertilizer Project construction site on July 31th, 2013, accompanied by the president of BCIC and the project manager Mr. MA Zheng, and other representatives,

The Ministers started by inspecting the construction progress of several building structures in the main area, where they expressed their satisfaction with the progress made so far after being briefed by COMPLANT’s project manager about the general situation, the progress, the quality control, and other relevant issues of this project. The Ministers then participated a public rally organized by local people where they expressed their supports to this project and emphasized the important strategic significance of this project to Bangladesh, which is in bad needs of fertilizer; and highly complimented Chinese workers for their spirit of dedication and contribution made to Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh National TV and other media made extensive reports on this visit.
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