Mr. Diao Chunhe, Chairman of China International Contractors Association, Paid his Survey to Our Company

日期: 2015-01-19


On 16th , January, Mr. Diao Chunhe, Chairman of China International Contractors Association led his principal members for a survey in Complant. Chairman Liu Xueyi, President Gu Haitao, Vice President Liu Yan, Vice President Liu Zhiqiang and other relevant members attended.

Chairman Liu extended welcome to Chairman Diao and his colleague; President Gu introduced him with company’s development, business progress and future thoughts on strategic outlook.

Chairman Liu pointed out that COMPLANT had made great contribution to China’s foreign aid undertaking, forged a good overseas image and brand reputation, and also fostered many overseas-program professionals. After merging into the State Development and Investment Corporation (韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司), as 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司’s oversea business platform, the COMPLANT proactively taking reforms and facing market. In the past two years, the COMPLANT held a series of internal reforms, actively explored new business models, using oversea contracting as basis to develop all sorts of foreign economic programs. At the moment, the COMPLANT is echoing nation’s “One Belt and One Road” policy to carry on traditional advantage and to seek for new opportunities.

Chairman Diao said oversea contracting industry has a good momentum as the international market has a rigid demand for infrastructure construction, Chinese government and all sorts of financial agencies give favorable policies and countries in need are seeking for cooperation with Chinese companies. In facing the new chapter, traditional EPC ( Engineer-Procure-Construct) mode is no longer suitable. Companies should taking opportunity to realize a leaping development and seeking for new business modes like Public-Private-Partnership ( PPP),Build-Operate-Transfer ( BOT), etc. CHINCA has always been focus on companies’ transformation and up-gradation. Compare to other companies within this industry, COMPLANT has its unique allocation advantage. As the “ family of its members”, CHINCA is willing to communicate with COMPLANT, paying attention to its need, and providing support on its road of development.
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