Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd Held 2013 Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony

日期: 2013-08-30


The 2013 Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony was held in Kingston, Jamaica on August 30th, 2013 by Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd in the presence of Ms. Liu Lei, Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Jamaica, Ambassador Derrick Heaven, Executive Chairman of Sugar Industry Authority, Mr. John Gayle, CEO of SCJ Holdings Limited, representatives from local labor unions and various sectors in Jamaica, staff representatives from company headquarters and branches as well as 7 award-winners and over 40 parents.

Mr. Wu Huaixiang, President of Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd expressed his warm congratulations to the award-winners firstly. He pointed out that sugar industry, as the pillar industry of Jamaica, enjoys tremendous development potentials, and is closely related to its neighboring communities. Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd who invests in sugar industry in Jamaica, is not just responsible for ensuring investors’ benefits, bur also focuses on fulfilling its social responsibility. Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd expects to encourage more Jamaican students to pursue further education and contribute to the society through this scholarship program, and the company also welcomes the students to join the company in sugar industry in future. Mr.Heaven, Executive Chairman of Jamaica Sugar Authority congratulates the award-winning students and expects them to cherish the precious opportunities offered by Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd. Meanwhile, he speaks highly of the scholarship program for supporting local education. In addition, he is glad to see the first issue of internal journal of the company, which he believes is of great significance to improve the company image. Ms. Liu Lei, Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Jamaica also expressed her congratulations to the students and appreciation to Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd for making the awarding ceremony a great success. Ms. Liu Lei said she was delighted and proud to find that the Chinese enterprises investing in Jamaica are all attaching great importance to their corporate social responsibility, among which, Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd is an outstanding model. She is fully convinced that Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility to support local social development.

Setting up the scholarship program is one of the steps taken by Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company Ltd to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, aiming to implement “Talents Development Strategy” with action to forward the sustained and rapid development of the local traditional industry.
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