A business exchange meeting was conducted between COMPLANT Group and China Electronics Engineering Design Institute

日期: 2015-04-23


On April 23, 2015, Mr. An Zhixing, Vice President of China Electronics Engineering Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as CEEDI), led a delegation to COMPLANT Mansion for a business exchange meeting with COMPLANT Group, which was chaired by President of COMPLANT Group Mr. Gu Haitao. General Manager of COMPLANT Ltd Mr. Zhang Hui, managers of COMPLANT Group’s General Office and Department of Strategic Development, as well as managers of relevant departments of COMPLANT Ltd also attended the meeting.

Mr. Gu Haitao extended a warm welcome to the CEEDI Delegation. Mr. An Zhixing said on behalf of CEEDI that they came to exchange ideas with COMPLANT and learn from COMPLANT’s successful experience so as to catch the business opportunities brought about by the ‘One Belt One Road’ national development strategy. CEEDI is also looking forward to pairing up with COMLANT in business and making efforts to establish synergy effect within 韶关泰洁防护科技有限公司 through collaboration.

During the meeting, both parties introduced their current business and discussed about cooperative opportunities; at the same time, relevant operational departments exchanged views on overseas projects and business information, which broadened the view for cooperation. President Gu Haitao indicated that this exchange meeting deepened mutual understanding, especially for COMPLANT in understanding the business scope of CEEDI in a comprehensive way, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.

The two parties also had an in-depth discussion about the work to be carried out in the near future and relevant arrangement was put in place.

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